A commitment to a year of full-time service comes with a ton of practical and important advantages.

City of Light Service Corps offers its members a  MEANINGFUL ADVENTURE, an opportunity to jump into something unique and exciting, while providing vital service to those who are truly in need.

On a very practical level Service Corps provides you with guaranteed, worthwhile, and REAL WORK EXPERIENCE. Member placement positions are more than typical entry-level jobs. You will receive valuable training to successfully contribute to a team of dedicated employees within the workforce, while often creating or directing projects that require an ample amount of responsibility.  Not only is this year a great opportunity to network on the local and state level; it is also a great selling point when applying to graduate school or a new job.

Service Corps is a great way to get some real experience to HELP POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR YOUR NEXT PROFESSIONAL STEP. Some of our volunteers have wondered about the type of graduate degree they’d like to pursue. Working at an agency that, for instance, gives them a taste of social work, law, public health, and medicine gives them the chance to try this work on and see what feels right. Former Service Corps members work in all types of professions and often connect with current members to share their own experiences and offer support in the decision-making process.

Members meet weekly for in-service training to allow time for reflection, personal development, and civic leadership skill building. There is great SUPPORT during in-service as members attempt to deal with what they see each day at their placements. It is comforting to know other individuals who “get it” and who want to share in the struggles and laughter of your day. Service Corps also provides FUN AND CELEBRATION with individuals who share your values of service and who are passionate about social justice, simplicity and their faith.