City of Light Service Corps, a program of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, cultivates a community of empowered and dedicated young adults in Buffalo, New York.

Service Corps is a year-long program that combines an immersive work and service experience in an urban non-profit organization that utilizes community building, facilitated self-exploration, peer relationship building, and mentorship.

Service Corps members are provided with an opportunity of a self-directed process of exploring their unique purpose and call to public service, justice, and civic leadership. Members are equipped to... Discover Their Own Light and Ignite it in Others.

Program Impact:

City of Light Service Corps members will gain…

  • Robust work experience, professional references, development of tangible professional skills
  • Insight into Personal Self-Care / Self-Awareness of Leadership Capacity
  • Resiliency, Adaptability, Empowerment
  • Professional and personal relationships, connections and networks
  • Knowledge of Buffalo’s past, present, and future and a vision for themselves within that future
  • Cultural competency
  • Advocacy for social justice issues

Agency and Community Partners will gain …

  • Increased capacity and ability to achieve their mission
  • Exposure to a diverse pool of potential employees and young leaders


Self-Exploration, Civic leadership, Relationship Building, Service