Traditional Service Corps  members commit to a year of full-time service at their host agency and have, in past years, developed and managed volunteer outreach programs, led support groups, created after-school programs, and much more.  Since 2002, Service Corps members have completed more than 150,000 hours of service to our community.  Service Corps members are rigorously screened, highly motivated, academically successful, and have a demonstrated commitment to service and social justice

How Could a Service Corps Member Help You?

  • Service Corps members meet a programmatic and financial need for your clients and agency by providing a full-time (35 hours/wk), year-long (August —September) staff member at a reduced cost to your organization ($16,000 covers the full cost of hosting a member).
  • Members are uniquely motivated, accomplished, and bring enthusiasm and well rounded skill-sets to their placement sites.  
  • Host agencies are invited to participate in the placement process by conducting their own interview process, following Service Corps' extensive screening and application procedure (including national background check). 
  • Service Corps members operate under the direction and guidance of a program director who provides support to your agency and the Service Corps member as needed.

How Could YOU Help a Service Corps Member?

  • Opportunities to provide guidance and supervision to talented young-professionals as they build experience, refine their personal and professional goals, and develop a professional network in Buffalo.  
  • Host agencies provide excellent environments for personal and professional growth. In fact, some agencies have offered Service Corps members salaried positions after the completion of their service.

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